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Analysis on the present situation of timber demand and consumption in China

Published:2016-09-18 09:55:40 Author: Linyi Huifeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

China has a vast territory, complex terrain and diverse climate, resulting in a variety of types of forest resources in China, more than 8000 species, but its distribution is very uneven, the structure is not reasonable. Eighth survey results of China's forest resources, the forest area is 208 million Hm2, the forest coverage rate of 21.63%, the forest volume was 15 billion 137 million m3; the plantation area is 69 million Hm2, accumulation was 2 billion 483 million m3, most of them concentrated in the northeast, southwest and other remote mountainous areas, Taiwan mountain and Southeast hills, and the protective forest, firewood and economic forest is relatively low. Therefore, in 2012 China began to build timber reserve base, and smoothly, the initial formation of "China's demand for timber resources, to be self-sufficient" consensus, clear the "planning" the construction of the national production base of wood is put forward in the strategic reserve until 2020 to complete the construction of 210 million acres of timber reserve base target has been completed and designated timber reserve base of 1 million 220 thousand Hm (218 million 300 thousand mu) results.


According to statistics, in the past 10 years, China's timber consumption increased by 173%, so that China has become the world's second largest timber consuming countries. At present, China's timber consumption of about 570 million m3, including the log, plate (shaving board, fiber board) and so on. But in 2013, China's timber production was 83 million 670 thousand M3, compared to 2012 increased by only 2.3%, which led to the 2013 China's imports of wood up to 79 million 160 thousand M3, an increase of 18%, growth of 100% in 2008, annual growth of 14.9%, broke the record of wood imports in China in past years. The log import volume is 45 million 150 thousand M3, an increase of 19%; imports of sawn timber was 23 million 940 thousand M3, an increase of 16%. These data fully explain the current foreign dependence of China's timber has reached 50%.

In recent years, African timber market supply emergency, Russia and ASEAN markets have issued "forbidden to log", the international market gradually reduce the amount of timber supply, coupled with the North American hardwood areas climate caused by poor production slowed, shortage of stock, to further increase the supply of world wood for the gap, promote the timber prices. And oil, soybeans and other commodities, if the excessive dependence on imports of timber will also endanger national strategic security. Therefore, in the development of China's wood products industry at the same time, should as soon as possible to reduce China's dependence on foreign timber, maintenance of China's timber industry security, promote the sustainable development of forestry industry in china.

China's timber is mainly consumed in paper, wood based panels, wood flooring, solid wood furniture and other industries. Among them, the largest wood consumption in the paper industry, accounting for 59% of the proportion.

Wood consumption in the paper industry

Paper industry is closely related to the development of national economy and social civilization, the paper industry has developed rapidly in recent 10 years. According to China Paper Association statistics, 2004 ~2013, China's paper and paperboard production increased by 2.4 times, annual growth of 10%, consumption growth of 2 times, annual growth of 8%, production and consumption are ranked first in the world.

The development of China's papermaking industry has made gratifying achievements in the industry at the same time, also stimulated the demand for paper fiber, based on the data of 2013, China's paper and paperboard production reached 102 million 500 thousand T, according to the 85% is calculated by the cost per ton of wood fiber as raw material, wood 4 m3, it consumes about 348 million m3 wood pulp. With the increase of the consumption of paper and paper products, the proportion of pulp in the pulp and the increase of population, the demand of the paper industry is increasing rapidly. Is expected from 2013 to 2020, China's paper industry timber demand will increase by an average of 9% per year. Although the import a lot of wood can ease the shortage of raw materials of contradictions, but also caused China's wood external dependence is too high, the harm to the security industry, so the improvement of China's papermaking wood inadequate supply of raw materials is particularly important. This paper suggests that we should start from three aspects: first, to improve China's ability of technological innovation, so as to improve the rate, reduce the energy consumption by papermaking raw materials; secondly, to strengthen the domestic waste paper recycling utilization, and strengthen the paper-making enterprises intensive degree; third, to encourage domestic papermaking enterprises to foreign transnational companies, to facilitate the use of foreign papermaking raw material.

Production of wood products and wood consumption

China is a big country of wood and wood products processing, especially in recent years the rapid growth of domestic real estate, furniture, decoration and other market demand, driven by the rapid development of wood processing industry, the production yield of wood-based panels and furniture industry in China has ranked first in the world.

National Bureau of statistics data show that China's annual production of artificial board from 2005 to 53 million 228 thousand and 300 m3 growth in 2013 of 273 million m3, an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. Among them, plywood production is about 137 million m3, the yield is about 53 million 945 thousand and 400 m3, the yield is about 14 million 849 thousand and 500 m3. China's annual output of furniture in 2008 accounted for 25% of the global market share of 22.6% of the global market, in 2013 the total output of China's furniture reached 647 million, compared with 2012 basically unchanged. China's wood flooring production by 2009 364 million m2 to 400 million m2 in 2013, an increase of 10%, which strengthen the wooden floor production and sales of about 224 million m2, solid wood flooring production and sales volume of about 94 million 600 thousand m2, solid wood flooring production and sales volume of about 42 million 500 thousand M2, 35 million m2 bamboo flooring production and sales, production and sales of other floor about 3 million 650 thousand m2.

The development of China's wood products industry has made the relationship between supply and demand become more tense. In 2013 data, for example, plywood production 137 million m3, due to the large plywood production, according to the yield of 77 million m3, the production of 1 m3 Plywood Consumption of wood 1.3 m3 calculation, to consume the original wood

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